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Our cookies and cakes are freshly baked using only selected natural ingredients, ensuring that every bite is a taste of pure goodness.
Soy & Matcha Goma

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Try our gorgeous baked cheesecake today.


Special MOUSSE cake

Best Signature FRUITCAKE in Loaf

Premium Rich Fruitcake with Brandy & Nuts

Made with the finest ingredients, this cake is loaded with juicy raisins, sultanas, and cherries, and is complemented by a generous amount of crunchy mixed nuts. 

BUTTER based cake

Lemon Poppyseed

Savor the refreshing zest of our Lemon Poppyseed Cake.

Best Seller

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Christmas Cakes

Christmas Tree Cream Cupcakes

BURNT Cheesecake

OriginalBurnt Cheesecake.

Experience the magic of this unconventional dessert and savor the creamy goodness with every spoonful.


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Jerrod Ong

Wide range of cookies and made-to-order cakes baked from premium organic ingredients only.

Marcus Teoh

Digital Creator
Tried JLove many times, the mooncakes are excellent! Highly recommended

Melisa Chin

Bought all the 6 cupcakes flavor and the chocolate cake for my Christmas party. Super awesome 🙂 my guests asked for your contact details already 😉 thank you for the delicious desserts �

Benjamin Lim Fang Hoong

Best cakes & cookies I've ever tried! I really loved the taste of it! Makes me drool most of the time when I smelt the smell of it. I even finish it all by myself. Highly recommended, thumbs up, and START ORDERING! Invite your friends and families to order it too!!!